Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mini drip irrigation system for less than $40

Using pieces left over from my massive irrigation project, I built a mini drip irrigation system for my potted plants on the south side of my house.
I used a hose splitter (grey and yellow thing) so I could continue using my hose on my spigot. On the second hose bib, I attached an Orbit hose timer.  This timer is pretty intuitive and is dependable.  They are generally about $30.

Below the timer, I installed a mini-screen and backflow preventer, to keep sediment out of my drip system and to keep water from flowing back into my house, respectively.  Below the backflow preventer, I installed an adapter that accommodates for drip irrigation tubing.

From that piece of tubing, I ran four smaller drip tubes.

At the end of each drip tube, I put an adjustable drip sprayer.

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