Friday, July 18, 2014

Best Friend's Garden Transformation

This is a follow-up of an earlier post on our friend Brandon's garden.  He has done quite a bit of work planting and mulching.  He used coffee bags as mulch to keep the weeds down.

The 4x4 frames are the skeleton for a trellis system to support the melons - growing in the mounds.


Rows and rows of peppers!  Note the use of soil-filled bags for diverting the flood irrigation.  The coffee bag mulch is permeable to water, but keeps the weeds down.

Tomatoes grown with a wire fence as a support for the tomato plants.  The plants will be tied and woven through the frame as they grow.

Green Skin Long Keepers tomatoes growing in the round cages. They ripen green, and their fruit can last for months after harvest.


Peas and greens.

Some irrigation to support the flood irrigation.

Little chickens!

A pano of the garden progress.

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