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I just ordered seeds from Mountain Valley Seeds, a local seed company, for the upcoming planting:

Bean, Pole - Blue Lake Pole FM1K
Beet - Detroit Dark Red
Cucumber - Marketmore 76
Cucumber, Pickling - Wisconsin SMR
Eggplant - Black Beauty
Kale - Lacinato (organic)
Onion - Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish
Pepper, Hot - Jalapeno (organic)
Radish - Champion
Spinach - Giant Noble
Squash, Winter - Waltham Butternut

I picked most of the varieties based on the recommended varieties for Salt Lake Valley from USU.  If you live in the area, Mountain Valley lets you pick up your seed orders at their location, 455 W 1700 S Salt Lake City.

I plan on buying tomato and bell pepper starts from the Wasatch Community Gardens spring plant sale on May 12.


Today there was a seed swap at the Sorensen Unity Center.  Wikipedia defines seed swaps as events where gardeners meet to exchange seeds.
Seed swaps are good opportunities to find different varieties of seeds.  We jumped the gun and ordered our seeds first, and I think we may have found most of what we needed at the seed swap.
The National Gardening Association has an online seed swap.

At the Salt Lake City food swap, cool things were going on:

Wasatch Community Gardens was giving away free seeds!!!!

Booth for Adam's Heirlooms CSA
Some of the seeds I scored from the Wasatch Community Garden booth.

Seed catalogs for perusing. 

Seed packets from Slow Food Utah Ark of Taste Program.  I intend to grow these and tell people how I think they taste.

I also had the opportunity to meet Kyle LaMalfa!


Seed companies allow for you to buy exactly the varieties you want. Some of these came from a list provided by Mother Earth News.

Purple Beauty Bell Peppers

Eggplant, Listada de Gandia OG

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