Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flowers and Companions

A couple of my vegetables are flowering.  I also bought my wife some flowers for Mother's day, as this is her first Mother's day, and I think that flowers are very representative of fertility and reproduction.

Here is a hanging flow basket of purple flowers that I bought Brooke for Mother's day.  I don't remember their names.

Some of the flowers we planted were French Marigolds.  They are good companion plants with tomatoes, as they attract pollinators and are supposed to repel some pests.

Here is our Siberian Tomato plant with its companion French Marigold.

More Marigolds!

Our beautiful Borage continues to bloom.  Borage is another excellent companion for tomatoes.  It also works well with squash.  Borage attracts bees and predatory wasps and repel moths.

Our pea plants are growing tall, but the coolest thing going on with them is that they have...

flowers!!! They are also growing little pea pods.

We have Periwinkle plants creeping in from the neighbor's yard.  It is everywhere.  It is very invasive and is growing rapidly.

The blackberry bare roots are almost done blooming.

The cherry trees no longer have flowers, but they do have little fruits!

Here are some white flowers that I think are white garlic growing in the corner of my yard.

We have a single apricot.

Some baby apples.
Some blossoms from the neighbor's tree.  Does anyone know what type of tree this is?


Our grape vines are growing fast.

We harvested some radishes!!!  Brooke says they were super spicy.

Our tomatoes are not flowering yet, but they are growing fast.  These are my fig tomatoes.

I made a trellis for my cucumber plants.

Within 15 minutes of putting in the trellis, the cucumbers started grasping on.


Companion planting is an excellent way of diversifying a garden, to help prevent it from being prone to being wiped out by pests.  I found a few good companion plant resources.

The Wiki on companion plants is awesome:

This is an excellent companion grid.

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