Saturday, May 4, 2013

Plant Sales, World Naked Gardening Day, and Mulch!

I hope you all have enjoyed world naked gardening day!  Thanks to Carly for giving me another reason for exhibitionism!  I would include the link to the official wngd (.org) website, but there are sooo many naked people on it.

Am I naked in this photo?  Only my neighbors know.


Yesterday, Brooke and I attended the annual Red Butte Garden plant sale.  Although I have some qualms with Red Butte Garden, I have to commend their plant sale.  It's huge!  It had a large variety of plants, including native Utah species! 

While the Red Butte Garden plant sale was nice, I STRONGLY URGE you to attend the upcoming Wasatch Community Gardens Plant Sale on Saturaday, May 11th from 8am-1pm at Rowland Hall.  It has some excellent plants, and the proceeds go to an excellent organization.


We bought two varieties of pepper, Golden Bell and Purple Beauties.   I am very excited.

This herb with the beautiful blue flowers is Borage! It is an excellent insect-repelling companion plant with squash and tomatoes.  We bought and planted three today.

Our first year attempting cantaloupe.  I hope it gets along with squash, because I didn't check.  I should have made a better garden plan.

Here are our squash plants.  We bought and planted a butternut squash and a spaghetti squash plant.  I hope to grow these vertically.

Squash, borage, and cantaloupe.

I plan to buy most of my tomatoes from the highly anticipated Wasatch Community Gardens plant sale, but this one was interesting.  It is a Siberian Tomato.  It is supposed to be able to handle really low temps (~35F).


You might notice something new in all of my garden pictures.  It's straw that I am using as mulch.  Mulch is a gardener's best friend.

Mulch retains moisture, reduces erosion, eliminates soil compaction, and deters weeds.

The NRCS webpage on mulch suggests applying mulch after your soil has warmed up a bit in the spring.

Organic Gardening has a good list of types of mulch for your garden and the pros and cons of each.  I went with straw, because it is inexpensive and easily accessible.  The site warns that you should make you use a weed-free straw.  I bought my straw at the IFA, which I found was super close to my house,  so I am not sure if it is weed free.

The "for dummies" website also has a good comparison table.

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