Friday, June 27, 2014

Garden Update

This is partly a follow up to a previous post investigating different ways to grow vertically.  Much of my efforts this year so far have been successful.  I am still struggling with the best way to support tomatoes.

We are actively harvesting vegetables.   The onions were grown from grocery store scraps.  We just put the end of an onion in the ground and it took off. 

My pole bean plants are actually taking to the poles.  

They are naturally wrapping around the poles that I put near them.  I helped start the process by tying the base of the plants to the poles.  They did all of the coiling, though.

I found that bird netting works really well as a growing lattice for peas.

Peas grow well in containers.  Last year, I grew the pea plants too far away from each other and only harvested a few pods.  The nitrogen-fixing abilities of these plants can help build soils.

My other pea plants are suffering from some kind of leaf parasite or a fungus.

My Armenian cucumbers are flowering.  However, they have yet to get big enough to trellis on the fence.

We bought basil from the farmer's market.

It seems to be doing ok, but I am having issue with earwigs.

Purple basil

My tomato plants are already huge.

More tomatoes

The plants in the container are doing very well. The borage (purple flowers) is growing from last year's crop.

Broccoli is doing well. It is a little late.

I built a leaning trellis for my squash, as mentioned in a previous post.

The squash plants are starting to get huge.  I don't think I have enough trellis for all of this squash.

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