Friday, March 16, 2012

Garden Update! Trellis and Beanstalks!!

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Sorry for the delay in blogs, but I have been out of town at a water conference, so I didn't have an opportunity to write a riveting blog for y'all's entertainment.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson grew over 70 species and 260 varieties of vegetables?!?!?  He also recorded careful measurements of his efforts.  I am envious of his tedious nature, but I am pretty sure he had several people to help him.

In an attempt to partially emulate ol' Thomas, I started this blog, hoping to carefully record my efforts in gardening, and in the spirit of doing so, I will give you an update of how things are going.  My plants are growing faster than I can blog, so sorry if I missed some stuff.

Bean stalks (in forground)!!! I bought the seeds from a magic man I met in a mystical alley (lies), so they might lead me to a giant's cloud-based fortress to a goose that lays golden eggs.  These bean plants are growing like gangbusters, whatever that means.

My other seedlings are doing well, too!  I need to replant them immediately, as they have outgrown the tiny plastic pits in which I started the seeds.

The cucumber continues to grow, but the leaves are looking rough.  The soil may be draining too effectively, leaving the roots dry.  Also, I did try watering these plants using drainage water I siphoned from the pan, which may have something to do with the dying cucumbers.

It is hard to see in this picture, but I added some hemp "trellis" for the cucumbers to vine on.  I drilled holes in the lip of the container and strung the hemp cord up to a hook near the top of the window.

The tomatoes and basil seem to be growing, although at a fairly slow rate.

As per some excellent advice from our friend Angelie, we went out and bought a watering pale.   It should lessen the impact of soil disturbance.  However, this pale kinda sucks because the head on it leaks.

Coming update of our outdoor operation!!! Just to warn you, it looks dire!

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