Friday, March 9, 2012

Leggy Plants

Our seedlings continue to sprout and grow on top of the fridge.  

I noticed the stems on the seedlings seem longer than they should.
I did a little "research" and determined that the jargon term for long stems is "leggy."

Ehow suggested the the light source remain as close to the plants as possible to keep them from being leggy.

Garden-know-how suggests that plants will attempt to grow towards a light source, so they become leggy in an attempt to find light.

I read on one tomato website (I don't remember which one) that repotting the tomato seedlings with the root upside-down and true leaves vertically up, so that the long stem is bent into a "U" shape.  I don't know if this works for other vegetables or not.


Leggy Plants

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