Saturday, March 31, 2012

Growing Plants and Flowering Cucumbers

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I am trying to sort out my concerns with my cucumbers.  I think I just have to be patient, and my plants will grow fine.  I found this video, which is fairly informative, but a little wacky:

It shows how to manually pollinate cucumbers, which is pretty cool.

I have been giving these plants a little bit of organic fertilizer mixed with water once per week.  I am watering once or twice per day.  My florescent light timer is set to keep the lights on for 16 hours, which may be too much light.

The tomatoes and basil continue to grow well.  Cropping the tops of my basil plants have caused them to make several branches of smaller leaves on the existing branches.  I think I will have to get supports for my tomato plants soon.

Current view of my rough-looking cucumbers.  Should they be flowering already?  I am seriously considering ditching these plants and replacing them with the pole beans, which are growing like crazy.


Seeing as how most of our sprouts have had a high fatality rate so far, we decided to try our luck with some store-bought sprouts.  Yesterday, we bought spinach, chard, and onion sprouts from Western Gardens and planted them in our outdoors garden plot.  We then covered the sprouts using our little hoop houses.

One spinach and one onion plant of the original sprouts that we planted are still alive.  We left them in place and tried to give them some love.  We will see how they do.

Unfortunately, the water at our garden will not be turned on until the end of April, so we will have to manually water our plants at least every other day.

It seems like the western half of our plot gets the best light, as the construction trailer is blocking a good portion of the other half.

Onion Sprouts from Western Gardens

Spinach sprouts from Western Gardens

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