Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Update


Our window now has a privacy hedge!

We have been trying to pollinate our tomato plants using buzz pollination.

A video on using a toothbrush for buzz pollination.

Some of our basil going to seed.  We have tons of basil from our three plants

The green beans are ready for picking!!

There are several baby roma tomatoes growing on our plant.

A couple of hillbilly tomatoes are also growing.  The plant is over 5 feet tall!

We also have some little cucumbers.


May is here and that means its time to plant!!!
However, my window garden is already starting to bear fruit!

We planted little pepper plants!  We started these from seed.  Birds or slugs are eating up the leaves, though.

Our garlic is doing great.

The spinach has already gone to seed.  We have pulled most of the plants and put tomato plants in their place.

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