Saturday, February 2, 2013

Starting Seeds

I started some seeds!  

I built a shelf last night (1/26/2013) in the basement next to the water heater and furnace to start seeds.  I put the shelf next to the appliances, because it is a warm area, which should help the seeds germinate.

I found a Burpee seed starting kit at Savers for $2.99.  It came with a self watering mat and a clear plastic cover.

Today (1/27/2013) I planted three rows of lettuce, four rows of kale, and five rows o f spinach (from left to right).

The automatic watering mat in action.

This picture was taken on 1/31/2012.  The lettuce (top) has grown the most.

This picture was taken on 1/31/2012.The spinach (foreground) is starting to pop up.

A time lapse of some container basil growing.

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