Saturday, February 25, 2012

Garden Plot Design

In the last post, we figured out what to plant and when to plant, but we didn't finish the where to plant section.  My biggest snafu was accounting for plant spacing and lacking proper measurements for the garden plot.

I went back to our plot, snapped some pictures, and measured the plot size.  It measures 3'9" by 20'.

Our extremely awesome extension agent friend came by to visit last night and recommended a great program for us to try.  You can find it at:

It allows for proper spacing and quantity of plants and will even give you a planting chart to follow.  Best of all, you get a thirty day trial before you have to even give anything other than an email.

Here is our resulting plot design (click on image to see full size):

We made sure to check the compatibility chart before finalizing the design.

Here are the pictures of our area:

Plots on north side of the garden.

One of the raised (container) plots - ours is like this. Note the irrigation lines going into the box.

More of the north side of the garden

Rainwater harvesting

Also, during random web browsing, I found 40 tips to help increase plant yield from mother earth news.

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