Sunday, February 5, 2012

Starting seeds

This is our first year that we are making an earnest attempt at gardening.  We are starting with an indoor container garden, and hope to have a garden plot at a community garden as well.

We started germinating seeds for our indoor container garden! Hillbilly tomatoes, California wonder sweet bell peppers, sweet leaf basil, roma tomatoes, marketmore cucumbers, and anaheim chili peppers.  We are germinating the seeds in a homemade setup that we placed in our south-facing window, on top of a heating blanket, under a grow bulb.  We used about an inch of seed starting soil.

The main germination tray is a vegetable tray that has a clear cover.  We drilled vent holes in the lid and holes in the bottom to wick water to the soil.  The water bowl is a chip and salsa dish.

For instructions on how to make a self watering germinator, check out where we found our inspiration. 

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