Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Repotting the Seedlings

We repotted the seedlings on Sunday.   We filled up a few more large containers, as we did in the 

Containers and More Repotting post.

We amended some organic choice potting mix into the other soil to give it better moisture retainment.

I put four of the leftover peat pot tomato plants into larger peat pots.  They may go into our garden plot.

We planted one roma plant and one basil plant in the 10.2-gallon pot.

In the larger, 13.6-gallon pot we put one hillbilly tomato plant and two basil plants.

An awful picture of the resulting layout.

For fun, I added some stats about gardening that I stole from Wasatch Community Gardens.
Apparently, I have something in common with several educated, 45+ year-olds.   

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