Monday, February 20, 2012

New Garden Plot!

We were graciously accepted into the Wanda's Whispers Community Garden, which is owned by the 1st Unitarian Church here in Salt Lake City.

We plan to continue our indoor container garden, but now we have an excellent outdoor garden plot, and we get a chance to interact with members of our community. 

We will begin planning for our plot space soon.  

The original, northern section of the garden.

This is the southern part of the garden.  The Unitarian Church (background) is currently undergoing some remodeling, hence the construction trailer.  I think our plot is the raised bed next to Brooke.

Some kale and brussel sprouts braving the snow!   That is some hearty stuff.

The church is five blocks from our house, on the crest of the Lake Bonneville Provo Delta deposits.

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