Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seedling progress continuing.

So, a quick garden update: so far, the pepper sprouts have not come up.  It might be the lame soil I used, but I have yet to have success in germinating peppers.

However, the basil, tomato, and cucumber sprouts are doing well.

Basil sprouts (in foreground) are doing well.  There true leaves are developing more each day. 

The tomato sprouts are also growing well, although I am skeptical of the soil in which they are growing.

The repotted cucumbers are doing marvelously, even though the bag of soil I used told me not to use the soil for containers.  I am beginning to think that the reason is that the soil drains too effectively.  As soon as I pour water into the pot, almost the same volume comes out of the bottom.  Oh well, at least the seedlings are looking healthy.  There are third leaves growing!!!

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